Microspot.ch: excellent good cooperation

Initial situation

With a spec­trum of half a mil­lion pro­ducts from all areas of life, Microspot.ch is one of the lar­gest Swiss online retailers. To increase media effi­ci­ency, we adapted the tech­no­logy for the AdServer in 2017 and changed the mea­su­re­ment. With the fol­lo­wing 3 «engines» of Programmatic Advertising we made the media performance of microspot.ch fly over (dis­play advertising — ban­ners, etc.).


Intergalactic good results

Highest CPX 

We maxi­mized the performance to the hig­hest pos­sible uti­lity limit (CPX) wit­hout redu­cing the neces­sary visibility. 

Cost reduction 

Attackera opti­mized the dis­play advertising to achieve the neces­sary number of impres­sions (visi­bi­lity of the ad) and to keep the ROI (return on invest­ment) and the cost per click (CPC) low. Microspot’s objec­tive was exceeded. 

Efficient budget 

We managed to redi­rect the budget in such a way that the stron­gest advertising channel always absorbed the sales. All other chan­nels sup­plied the funnel with traffic and were auto­ma­ti­cally enri­ched via the pro­duct feeds (pro­duct infor­ma­tion) and the audi­ence lists. 

With this rocket pro­ject we won gold at Best of Swiss Web Award 2018. Micro­spot is still a satis­fied cus­tomer of Attackera today.